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The underground World War II bunkers were found by the German prospector when searching for scrap metals and World War II remains. 

In the middle of his research after finding some empty grenades and bullet chases, he stumbled across a large area. When scanning it in the 3D scan mode, the scan showed only blue color and his first thought was he has found some sort of natural cave. But it turns out after walking around the area he found a metal doorway leading to a World War II bunker/cavity. The man immediately called defense force personal to perform a safety check of the area for bombs and other dangerous materials. After the Safety process was done, the staff entered the bunker and described it as an 8m long, 6m width, and 2m tall room with 45cm thick walls. It was said that this place was used for taking coverage against bomb attacks.



" For me, it was just a normal day, I never thought I will stumble across such a historical found, I will always remember this day and it will always remind me of the history behind it, " Said the man that found the bunker.

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