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The TresureHunter3D has visited the beautiful Philippines a very popular place for treasure hunting, especially on the golden beach sites. Metal detecting in the Philippines is allowed for hobbyists, tourists, and metal detecting enthusiasts. Our crew had a great time visiting these places, nature is beautiful and the people living there are very friendly. The primal reason for the visit to this beautiful place was to accomplish and expand our distribution network, we have a lot of customers from the Philippines and our main focus is to offer our customers easy and quick access to our products. Also, we met some of our loyal customers and had some interesting conversations. 
We did an extensive presentation of our line of metal detectors, the presentation was done for all the distributors and customers present at the meeting in the city of Manila.

We were happy to make an announcement of the new DroneRover that is coming out for purchase and it will be one of the very unique and best metal detectors available on the market for commercial use.

But at the same time, we spend some time exploring the islands and do some field testings and treasure hunting. The experience was great and we even had some luck finding some of the interesting objects. On the beaches of islands.

Treasure Hunter 3D gold metal detector scanning golden eye plus presentation event the Philippines
Treasure Hunter 3D gold metal detector on the beach case
Treasure Hunter 3D event quests presentation
Treasure Hunter 3D gold metal detector scanning presentation event the Philippines
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