Treasure gold metal detector DroneRover

This most innovative product on the market today, it is a drone 3D metal detector that is able to scan area 10 times faster than other detectors beside that it can do it completely by itself. Integrated autopilot enables even inexperienced users to use DroneRover.

Treasure hunting using Drone rover is simple:
1. Mark area on the map you'd like to scan
2. Press GO button to start scanning
3. Drone will scan area for you, while you can relax and observe results on the screen.

Active error correction system for detector sensors enables droneRover to discover precious metals like gold, silver and ancient bronze objects as well as chests, boxes, hidden rooms, graves and tunnels.

Detects metalic and non-metalic objects
Detection depth 25m / 80ft
Scan resolution High
Sensitivity level
Camouflage Drone
Sensor error correction system
High precision GPS location system
Free software & upgrade
Works with Android
2 year warranty
Free DHL express worldwide shipping
Weight and dimension 40x40x25cm, 5kg
Battery duration 25 min
Replaceable and rechargeable battery
$5.299,00 Contact us

Application features

- possibility to select survey area
- possibility to select scan speed & resolution
- possibility to adjust sensitivity
- drone battery status indication
- possibility to abort mission at any time
- possibility to select flight altitude and altitude mode
- possibility to save scan
- possibility to save geographic location of the scan
- export data to PC for further analysis
- works with Android devices
- free application + lifetime upgrades

Detector and drone features

- ready to discover metalic and non-metalic objects
- sensor error correction and stabilization module
- advanced optical detection for altitude ranging (Lidar)
- wireless connectivity with remote controller and Android device
- precise GPS system
- 25 min flight with one charging
- possibility to replace battery within 5 seconds
- capable to do scanning up to 2km away from the user

What's included

- drone, equipped with detector unit
- charger for drone battery
- charger for drone remote controller
- drone protection box

Other information

- smartphone is NOT included in the price
- warranty 2 years
- spare parts with repair available 10 years after purchasing

Customer reviews

Archeologist scanning at Pikillacta, Cusco Peru


“I am looking forward to the new drone that you are developing. I hope that it will be able to survey large areas with minimal pilot input (pre-programed survey patterns). This product is really revolutionary and will save field archaeologist a lot of time and effort.”

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