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Long Range Metal Detectors do not exist. Before buying metal detector consider this.

When you are on the market for buying a metal detector you soon found out there are many metal detector models to choose from that use different technologies to detect buried items. In this article, we will mainly address one particular category that many buyers and beginners tend to waste time and money. We are talking about so-called Long-range metal detectors that are found in the market today. 

What are Long-range detectors?

This long-range metal detectors claim to be a good way to scan and search large areas for buried treasures, but this is simply not true. This metal detector simply does not work but it could be very tempting for buyers online since they claim they can reach deep into the ground than other metal detectors on the market and can detect anything in front of them. But this is not true and there are many customers complaints on the internet and bad review found about these devices and that is because the technology they use do not work and can not detect anything.

Usually, these devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Mostly they are shaped like guns and look like something that came out of a star wars film with big Atenas and very bad design and cheap materials like plastic. 

Long range metal detectors are scamming beginners that waste the money on them

The technology used in them is not real!

"The majority of the long-range metal detectors claims that they use the resonant frequency principle whereby the devices emit electromagnetic signals through a probe set to respond to a given metallic item such as silver or gold and then the device will point to the position of such materials deep in the ground by showing the change in direction in relation to their operator. 

This principle as applied in the devices has no basis in science. In fact, the resonance principle as explained by the manufacturers of the long-range metal detectors does not work in laboratory settings and therefore cannot work in an actual situation. 

Furthermore, the Inverse Square law puts limits on the effectiveness of the signal strength emitted by the long-range metal detectors. The claim that the devices emit a signal which then travels through the ground, hits the target and bounces back to indicate the presence and direction of the target is false. 

To produce stronger signals that will overcome the great resistance provided by the soil, hit the target deeper in the soil and bounce back to indicate the presence of a target needs more current than what the long-range metal detectors of these days use. 

Most long-range metal detectors use low current 9v or AA cells and this contributes to a great attenuation. This alone would make it impossible to detect anything with such systems."

Quoted from:

Example of a fake long range metal detector do not buy

So what should you consider buying and what will actually help you found treasures and buried objects? Take a look at some traditional VLF metal detectors that use coils to detect buried objects in the ground. Detectors like GoldHunter are the oldest detector models that have been used in treasure hunting that's simply because they are effective and very precise. But they can't reach deep into the ground, if you are on the market for a strong metal detector that can detect deeper into the soil then your best option is to look into the Treasure metal detector category for a detector model like GoldenEye Plus these metal detectors use linear sensor technology that enables treasure hunters to detect an object at greater depths. And if you are really interested in long-range scanning and want the best option to search large areas quicker then we would recommend the DroneRover metal detector. This is a surveying system that is attached to a drone and then used to scan larger areas quicker than by handheld metal detector.

Only real long range metal detector system available on the market



In conclusion, is buying a long-range detector worth it? No, absolutely not! This detector can be very tempting because of its affordable price, but you are better off by saving more money and invest in a metal detector that actually works and uses useful technologies to search for the buried objects. This will pay off in the long term since you have the ability to cover this investment with findings. But with this fake long-range detector, you will only put it into the trash because they will not help you find what you are looking for. And again, if you are truly looking for a metal detector that can help you cover large areas quicker and easier, take a look at our DroneRover System since it can provide these functions for you.

Long range scan showing scanning of the drone metal detector of a big area
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