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Beach is a very popular place for treasure hunting, as there is a large number of people crowded in a small area and usually, things get lost very quickly. So a lot of valuable items are buried in the sand. One of the best places to go beach metal detecting is the beautiful Philippines. A group of beach hunters did an expedition to the Philippines and among different items, they also found a beautiful gold necklace. Gold necklace weighted approximated 20g and it was probably lost. Next to pictures of the finding place customers also took some pictures of the scans of the site where the necklace was found. And we are really grateful to them for sharing this with us.



They were using the new GoldHunter which is the most suitable for finding gold, gold nuggets, and coins especially in places like beach or grass fields.

Treasure Hunter 3D detector golden necklace scan view augmented reality
Treasure Hunter 3D detector golden necklace ground dig finding place
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