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Everyone loves a good treasure hunt, especially when the bounty involved is over a million bucks. Based on the accounts of Forrest Fenn, the eighty-six-year-old millionaire, there’s a mysterious fortune hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. There are even clues laid out for hunters to find the gold treasure chest, but, unfortunately, no one has been successful; and not for lack of trying.

Ever since the news circulated about the possibility of finding a fortune stashed in the mountains, thousands of people have tried to find it; and at least three individuals have died in the process. We could liken this search to that of James Halliday’s Easter Egg Hunt in Ready Player One; although Halliday’s prize was several billion dollars and his OASIS empire. Be that as it may, despite the vast differences in the reward money, the motivation is still the same. Following complex clues and passing through tons of hurdles just to get your hands on millions of dollars. There were some casualties too in Halliday’s hunt, just like with this one.

We could even go as far as comparing the fictional Halliday to the millionaire Fenn. They are both old, rich (and probably bored), dying (or in Halliday’s case, already dead), and have the zeal to watch people work for something. Forrest Fenn said that he hoped his treasure hunt allows families to spend time together outdoors, but it might have also ruined some of them too.

While the possible location and map of the treasure can be found in Fenn’s books (that’s right, he wrote a few), and a poem that looks straightforward enough, but is far from it, you’d still need serious gold metal detecting equipment to make the search easy. There are several types of gold detectors to choose from in the vast market, from classic gold metal detectors to high energy ground-penetrating radars. Treasure search takes time and several miles to walk, therefore is necessary to have lightweight but efficient equipment and that is where TreasureHunter3D gold metal detectors are the best choice on the market. Besides that TreasureHunter3D devices looks like a flashlight or hiking stick; no one would even notice what you’re carrying (which could add an edge in your quest). Finding Fenn’s gold treasure requires covering a lot of ground, and it’d be a lot easier if you knew you were on the right path.

Even though the millionaire urges people not to focus solely on the money (easier said than done), but to enjoy the journey that leads them to the prize, a lot of people might disagree with him. Out of the thousands that started out the hunt, several hundred have given up on the process, calling it a hoax.

But the funny part is that more people still join the hunt each time it pops up in the media. Several blogs and online communities have even been dedicated to solving the mystery of Fenn’s treasure.

Halliday’s hunt took several years before anyone found the first clue, and a little while before they finally completed it. Forrest Fenn’s treasure hunt first started out in 2010, and since then no one has been able to find it. Who knows, maybe it’ll take a couple more before someone stumbles upon it and ends the whole thing and it might be that modern gold metal detecting equipment will  speed up the search.

Fenn Treasure hunter 3D gold detector hunting valuable money hunt
Fenn Treasure hunter 3D gold detector hunting valuable money hunt map places
Fenn Treasure hunter 3D gold detector hunting valuable money hunt gold chest view
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