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Treasure hunters all have something in common when searching for treasures. For that, we need patience, skills, and experience, but most importantly, the right gear. The devices we use must be reliable to make treasure hunting easier. They must be able to cover large areas, reach more depth, and all this in a short time. We have fulfilled the above requirements by developing the new DroneRover.


TresureHunter3D can now proudly present innovation in the field of treasure detection. With DroneRover we accomplished something that many customers only dreamed of. A flying metal detector that is easy to assemble and easy to use.

A DroneRover is an attachment that can turn your drone into a fully automated metal detector. With a smartphone application, you can simply select the area you want to search, click Start and the drone will do the job for you. Its main purpose is to scan large areas quickly and effectively. The large areas can now be scanned with less effort than with handheld devices and by foot.

Drone metal detector package Treasure hunter 3d gold detectors

What is the DroneRover capable of?


DronRover is equipped with many useful features. It can cover a distance of up to 7km of the search area and reach up to 25m deep. DroneRover is a fully automated metal detector, which means it will do almost all the work for you and scan the selected area, while you relax and observe the results. Its main purpose is scanning large areas and detecting larger items very deep in the ground.


The battery life of the DroneRover is 25 minutes, which means the drone will fly for 25 minutes before its battery runs out. The scans and measurements can be observed in real-time and in a real-world environment. Users can, therefore, observe the scanning process from start to finish. The drone is also equipped with a camera. A dedicated window in the application allows the user to observe the surface in real-time from the point of view of the camera. Users can adjust the resolution and determine how detailed the area should be scanned.

For extra protection, the drone is equipped with additional safety sensors. These sensors offer reliability when performing automated scans and guarantee optimal sensing results. The safety sensors enable the drone to dodge, fly by or overfly any obstacle in the flight path. Safety sensors also allow DroneRover to adjust and maintain the same height above the ground throughout the flight, no matter the terrain shape. Flying over the field with trees is therefore not a problem for the new DroneRover, also scanning the hills or over the banks. But nevertheless, it is recommended to scan in open fields for extra safety of yourself, others, and the drone.

Did you know?

We developed the DroneRover to improve your treasure hunting experience. We want to offer an affordable solution for anyone who is looking for a long-distance detector. And most importantly to save you the hard work and your precious time. Combining DroneRover with a hand-held metal detector like GoldHunter is the best possible combination for treasure hunting. In practice, this means you can use the DroneRover to cover larger fields and after the scanning process, analyze and eliminate the areas without any object. After that, you can take our VLF GoldHunter, walk to the area with the highest potential for finding valuable objects, and perform much more detailed scans of the smaller selected area. This process will save you time and can be much more efficient than doing it just by a handheld device. If you determine that a buried object is buried deeper in the ground, we suggest that instead of using the VLF detector, you use our Goldeneye Plus, which can reach greater depths.

Drone metal detector application preview Treasure hunter 3d gold detectors
Drone metal detector application preview scanning scan Treasure hunter 3d gold detectors
Drone metal detector application settings preview Treasure hunter 3d gold detectors
Drone metal detector setting details application preview Treasure hunter 3d gold detectors

If you are looking for a Marine Survey metal detector the DroneRover is also capable of detecting shipwrecks and other objects lying in the seabed. Besides treasure hunting, the DroneRover also comes in very useful in other scientific fields, like Science related studies of the ground and soil, Cartographies related science and researches, Mineral mining, magnetic geophysical measurements for oil and gas exploration, and all other general surveys and ground scanning purposes.

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