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How to turn your DJI drone into a metal detector? How can a drone become a metal detector?

Over the past 10 years, drones have become more and more popular. They enable a person to see the world from a different perspective, from above. They were primarily used for taking outstanding photos and videos that could only be taken from a helicopter. But their use does not stop at filmmaking and photography. In the last few years, their use has expanded to other areas of application like Treasure Hunting.

Turning drone in to a metal detector with this gedget

Introduction to DJI Drones

The DJI is one of the leading brands in manufacturing and providing drones all around the world. With easy-to-use applications and high-quality standard drones with high-quality cameras, they allow a person to reach his goal and make his ideas come to life. 

They provide many different drone models, but we will focus on DJI Phantom Series. Phantom series models, which are available on the market are Phantom 3 and 4 (Standard, Advanced, PRO, or PRO v2). All of the phantom models offer a high-quality 20MP camera with 3-axel Gimbal stability for smooth and high-resolution videos and photos. Also, the use of the controller system and general use of Phantom models is very simple and can be learned by anyone.

Drone Attachment

Since Phantom drones can only offer video taking and landscape observation experience, we have developed an attachment to upgrade the drone and enable its use for other applications. 

To turn your DJI Phantom drone into a metal detector and make it a surveying device, you have to get your hands on a DroneRover detection system. It's safe to say that this is the world's first drone attachment that can turn a drone into a metal detector. DroneRover system comes with two additional units. The first unit, which is placed directly onto the DJI Phantom drone, contains a very sensitive sensor that can penetrate the earth's soil and detect buried objects. The second unit is connected to the controller and the sensor unit on the drone to display detected underground buried objects. DroneRover system is equipped with collision error safety sensors that prevent the drone to crash into any object. It's able to dodge obstacles and automatically adjust and maintain the flight altitude to assure accurate and smooth scanning results.

How to turn DJI drone in to a metal detector survey machine
High resoulution scan drone metal detector with depth indication

App Features

When placing the DroneRover system on a DJI Phantom drone the user can choose between a fully automatic scanning mode or manual scanning mode. With manual mode, the user performs scanning by flying the drone over a selected area. With automatic mode, this is done by the drone itself and the user can sit back, relax and observe scan results. One of the main features of the DroneRover is that the scan results are displayed on the iPhone or iPad in real-time during the scanning process.

Applications of use / USE CASES

So why are Drone metal detectors so useful? By turning your DJI Phantom drone into a metal detector, you can add additional and useful tools for your treasure hunting projects. This drone system is best suitable for treasure hunters who want to search for treasures and objects in large areas. With this system, you can scan the large surface of the ground much quicker than on foot. You can also excess remote locations that are very hard to reach on foot. The DroneRover system is suitable for finding big objects that can be found in the ground laying at the bottom of the sea. This is something that is very hard and impossible to achieve with the normal metal detector.

DJI Phantom 4 attachment metal detector with high sensitivity realtime scan automated



In conclusion, is this drone attachment worth investing in? Well if you are a treasure hunter and you own a DJI drone there are many benefits that you get when purchasing this system. The price on the other hand is also pretty decent compared to other similar devices on the market. And we believe this device adds new opportunities and value to the world of treasure hunting and metal detecting. It's one of the inventions that push technology and treasure hunting onto a new level.

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