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In the Philiphones there are many treasures Found and even more were hidden trough out ht history. The Island is the perfect place to hide a valuable thing so they were very popular places to hide treasures. Many foundings and expeditions are reported in that area and this one is another. The treasure-hunting expedition turned into an amazing found of gold bars. There was a teal about some treasure hidden on one of the islands. But there was a lack of information on it and most of the people refer to it as a myth. The organization of the expedition stumbled across some information about the place where this treasure should be hidden. He gathered all the equipment and people to help him achieve this task. And after months of searching and various problems they encountered they detected an object that was buried very deep. On a depth of 10m, the scan showed the shape of the box and after some time spent digging the prospectors finally pulled out the box and they were amused by what they have found inside.



" This funding was a surprise, I wasn't even sure if the expedition will be successful due to lack of information. And when we detected an object that looked like a box it was a big gamble if this was even worth digging out. But when we opened that box I never thought we will be staring at golden bars"

Treasure Hunter 3D detector chest gold coins finding dig site place
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