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The beautiful big gold nugget was found by the Americans in the Alaskan area. While doing his normal gold hunting he stumbled across the area and the detector showed him a big red mark. Firstly he thought the signal was wrong or there is just a normal iron object like a can or similar. But after performing a few more scans of the same are he finally determine the object was gold. He used GoldenEye Plus and it helped him to locate the nugget very precisely, the nugget was buried approximately 5.5m deep in the ground but all of the efforts weren't for nothing because what he had found was a big beautiful gold nugget.


"New GoldenEye Plus is amazing the ability of camera mode that paces scans directly in front of you helps a lot when scanning the ground and determining the object material. I'm so thankful that you provided me with this device"

Treasure Hunter 3D detector big golden nugget finding preview scan scanning
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