Treasure gold metal detector TreasureHunter

This gold and metal detector has improved sensitivity and can therefore detect objects that are smaller or buried deeper in the ground. It is small and portable, integrated into carbon hiking stick that is extendable and very easy to use. Ready to discover precious metals like gold, silver and ancient bronze objects as well as chests, boxes, hidden rooms, graves and tunnels.



Detects metalic and non-metalic objects
Detection depth 25m / 80ft
Scan resolution Basic
Sensitivity level
Camouflage Walking stick
Depth indication
Scan save & export possibility
Free software & upgrade
Works with Android and iPhone
2 year warranty
Free DHL express worldwide shipping
Weight and dimension 60cm, 200g
Battery duration & specification 8h (rechargable)
$2.399,00 Add to cart

Application features

- Basic 3D ground scan for object visualization
- 2D/3D view mode with advanced zooming and browsing feature
- Detect object up to 25m/80ft
- Determine object depth
- Possibility to save a scan and analyze it later
- Possibility to save the geographic location of a scan
- Export data to PC for further analysis
- Possibility to select different scan modes, sensitivity, volume, scan area size
- Battery indication
- Works with Android & iOS devices (iPhone)
- Free application + lifetime upgrades

Detector features

- Ready to discover metalic and non-metalic objects
- 90% carbon material
- Wireless bluetooth connectivity
- Weight and dimension: 200g, 60-140cm
- Rechargeable battery durability: 8h
- Possibility to use it without smartphone using only headphones
- Possibility to charge with any standard phone charger,
  in the car or using power bank, solar charger

What's included

- Detector device

- USB charging cable

- USB universal charger

- Metal detector protection bag

- Smartphone is not included

Warranty and maintenance

- No maintenance required
- Warranty 2 years
- Spare parts with repair available 10 years after purchasing

Customer reviews

Treasure hunting enthusiast from Israel


“I was glad to purchase the first generation of TreasureHunter3D detector, it has features that other devices don't have in a lightweight and a small size then I was anxious to get the new model Goldeneye. My advice to users of such devices is to follow instructions well to succeed and they get good results in some cases of the scanning beneath I really could see what is under me instantly in some cases when there is an ancient structures I could see walls rooms dividers on the screen while I am walking that was really surprise for me I could never think that such a tiny small my device could do that.”

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