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Best classic VLF metal detector with amazing feature / GoldHunter review

At TreasureHunter3D we are always aiming to produce innovative & affordable metal detector devices.  Equipped with useful features that can add additional guidance for treasure hunters when searching for treasure.  

With our VLF metal detector GoldHunter we wanted to present a better hunting experience to a classic coil metal detector that we all know and love. The VLF metal detector is very successful for gold prospection and gold nugget searching, that's why is a very important device in our catalog. When designing the GoldHunter model we wanted to upgrade this classic device with modern technologies. And connect it to the smartphone since we all have access to one of these very capable computers. You can use GoldHunter with or without a smartphone. But if you connect an iOS device to the GoldHunter detector model you can access amazing features like All metal mode, Discrimination mode & Pinpoint mode with depth estimation. Also, the best and most valuable feature is our Professional 3D ground scan with Augmented Reality technology. This 3D ground scan mode allows users to see buried treasure right before their eyes through smartphones. So when performing a 3D ground scan you place the scan result in the real world environment right in front of you, for a better understanding of what is underground and where. It's an amazing treasure hunting experience achieved with a classic metal detector.

GoldHunter vlf metal detector model with phone
goldhunter model san example of augmented reality scanning

GoldHunter vs All other models

The GoldHunter offers every feature that you get with a classic VLF metal detector. It comes with two different size coils for versatility when searching and a hard suitcase for compact fit and easy transportation. The materials used for the GoldHunter model are durable, long-lasting, and lightweight. This is another advantage over other classic metal detectors. Also, like said before the GoldHunter is a stand-alone unit so it can be used without a smartphone. And if the user wants to access more advanced features the GoldHunter needs to be connected to the smartphone. In other words with the GoldHunter model, you get everything classic VLF metal detector offers but more updated with the latest technologies. 

What is Augmented Reality 3D Scanning?

The main function of GoldHunter is Augmented Reality scanning. This feature is very useful when searching for buried objects. The detector picks up the signals and displays results through the smartphone. In a way that it's very easy to locate and view buried objects since they are placed in the real-world environment through AR technology. This way the user can see the objects and know everything about them before digging. 

goldhunter model san example of augmented reality scanning gold coins


This model we would recommend for anyone who wants to find and target gold. So it's the best option for finding gold nuggets, golden coins, or any other coins. So this device is a must-have in your treasure hunting arsenal since it provides accurate readings of undergrounds. It can easily eliminate unwanted trash in the ground, it can eliminate ground mineralization, and most of all it can discriminate between different materials and different objects.

Treasreu huner 3D gold example of vlf detector finding
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