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An amazing discovery was found by an ordinary man from Italy. He is the owner of a small wine company that has been in his family for a couple of generations. The family-owned one very old wine cellar that was built in 1900. This was the very first wine cellar owned by the company. The man's grandfather told him that some of the first bottles made by the company were stored and hidden away. The only problem was that the exact location was forgotten. The bottles are a great value to a company and are more than 100 years old. This makes them a very very valuable treasure. The man purchased a 3D treasure metal detector in belive of founding these hidden bottles and a family legacy. After spending a few weeks scanning the ground of the cellar inch by inch. He finally found the area showing positive signs of the detected target. The area was approximately 1m x 1m and the target was located around 2m underground. After removing the concrete from the floor and digging in the ground soil the wooden box was found with 20 bottles of wine in it. 



" When a family first told me about the bottles I didn't believe them. Especially because no one knew the exact location of them. But thanks to the TresureHunter3D detector I was able to locate them. When we pulled the box out of the ground, I was in tears. These bottles were the first wine ever made by my family and they represent the legacy that my children will carry on. To me, they are priceless"

Treasure Hunter 3D detector wine cellar finding view picture
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