Medieval spearhead found in the caves - Croatia

The medieval spear was found in one of the very interesting caves located in Europe (Croatia). The customer from Croatia sent us fascinating pictures of the location and his finding.



In the letter, he wrote: "Near my city, there are a lot of caves hidden in the forests. I used to play in this area as a kid quite a lot and it has always intrigued me, so as soon as I purchased your TresureLight I had to go to this place to do some searching. I scanned the area from the above to locate the cave and see if it really shows the empty space and I was very happy to see that it does. When searching inside the cave the light came in very handy. I found a lot of old iron inside the cave and I needed to dig in the ground approximately 2m. Among all the scrap metal I found a spear-shaped item, which looks really cool. I hope you like it".

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