World War II remains discovered for a museum - Norway



In Norway, an older treasure hunter hobbyist put together a beautiful small Wold War II museum. World War II remains were found on forums battlefields that help him find various things form the war. Like rifles, grenades, Hand grenades, missiles, helmet, bullets ext. It took him a few years to made this collection and turn it to a museum. He is certain that a few years from now the collection will be bigger and even better to look at. In the first season of the museum opening, he had many visitors who were interested in World War II remains. The visitors were amazed by some of the founds he had that were in great condition and pleasant to look at.



" I would like to thank you for the amazing device you have provided for me. The TreasureHunter metal detector helped me a lot with collecting and searching for this remains and I couldn't do it without it. I'm looking forward form buying from you again, especially the new DroneRover who could be in great help for me to expend my museum."

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