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Drone metal detector. The Future of treasure hunting

August 08, 2020

Finally, we are proud to introduce to you our NEW drone metal detector.

Read more about DroneRover below.


TreasureHunter3D event at Philippines

February 18, 2020

The Philippines is a uniques place for treasure hunting.

Read more about our time on the Islands below.


The history of metal detectors

January 03, 2020

Are you interested in the history of metal detectors?

Then read the acritical bellow to found out how metal detectors developed trough time.


New TreasureHunter3D catalog 2019 now available

September 01, 2019

Product catalog 2019 is now available.

It includes our latest products & and success user stories.


Practical use of 3d metal detector devices in archaeological excavations

August 25, 2019

Here you can read an interview with archeologists Thomas A Gara that reveals why 3D metal detectors are extremely useful in finding sites.



GoldenEye Plus Review

August 05, 2019

Find out more about GoldenEye Plus in a review that was done by online tech magazine



Fenn’s Treasure is waiting for you to find it: Hoax or Real?

July 12, 2018

Everyone loves a good treasure hunt, especially when the bounty involved is over a million bucks. Based on the accounts of Forrest Fenn, the eighty-six-year-old millionaire, there’s a mysterious fortune hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. There are even clues laid out for hunters to find the gold treasure chest, but, unfortunately, no one has been successful; and not for lack of trying.


TreasureHunter3D detectors help archaeologists increase the chance of success

April 14, 2018

In today's blog we are posting an interview with archeologist Thomas A Gara who is in last years mostly focused on prospecting ancient sites in Bolivia and Peru. Thomas will explain why 3d metal detectors are so important to archeologists & how they use them in practice.


The biggest treasures ever found

December 2, 2017

The treasures are always hidden from man. To find them, you need time, strong will and determination. Is it the effort or luck that counts? Probably a little bit of both. If you are an enthusiast, you will enjoy treasure hunting itself, if you are a beginner, you will have to put a little bit more effort into it but it will be worth it. But sometimes you don't need either. Just luck, pure luck. And of course a good piece of equipment, which will drastically increase the probability of finding a treasure. 


Rock discovered by TreasureHunter3D metal detector worth more than gold

December 2, 2017

Treasure hunting with a metal detector is a great hobby and also very profitable one, if you know what to search for. Probably the most common activity undertaken by metal detector enthusiasts is coin shooting. Once coin shooting becomes uninteresting, you focus on other objects that stimulate the adrenaline rush. Metal detecting is plenty of fun, if you dig up the hidden treasures that have been left behind over the years.


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