Treasure Detectors

(TreasureLight/TreasureHunter/GoldenEye/GoldenEye Plus)


Comparison Video

Here is Comparison Video explaining different models and different 3D Ground scans available.


Application Download

How to install Android application
How to install iPhone application


GoldenEye Plus Demo

Here is the Demonstration video of our Best treasure metal detector GoldenEye Plus.


GoldenEye Plus Review Video (From our Archeologist)


GoldenEye Plus Tutorial Videos

Coming Soon!!! 


Tutorial Videos are part of free training material that can only be accessed by TreasureHunter3D customers !!!

As a customer, you get access to tutorial video listed below:

- Get your device ready
- Detect objects using headphones
- Application overview
- Balancing the detector
- Things that affect the object detection 
- Sensitivity
- Depth indication
- Discrimination
- 3D ground scanning


Here is the demonstration video, of our NEW and most innovative VLF metal detector. Upgraded with augmented reality.


GoldHunterTutorial Videos

Coming soon!!!



Demonstration Video

Here is the demonstrational video, showing an automated scanning process of the DroneRover.


DronRover Tutorial Videos

Coming soon!!!

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